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About Us

It was thirty plus years ago in a little town outside Los Angeles when Virgil Venditto, founder and CEO of
GLYDERS Corporation purchased his first home. He had chosen his dream home, and after shelling out a lot of
bucks, he was delighted when it was finally his. He went to spend the first night in his house and discovered,
much to his dismay, that he had nothing to put on the windows. He knew he didn't have any money left to buy
window coverings, and he knew he didn't have enough sheets! How could this be?
He searched and searched
and finally found boxes with some pleated curtains. In fact, he had lots of curtains, so Mr. Scientifical thought
to himself, "If I pulled out all the pleats in these curtains, I would have a lot of material to work with." And with
a yawn, Virgil fell asleep in his pile of now un-pleated curtains, imagining what he could do. When he awoke
in the morning, the curtains were gone and there were beautiful fine window furnishings on his windows! How did this happen? We may never know, but that day, GLYDERS was born, and Virgil has been dreaming and imagining the possibilities ever since…. Well not exactly, but it did happen something like that. GLYDERS has been creating its unique line of window treatments and window coverings for discriminating customers out West since 1981. Throughout this time, our mission has been to provide our clients with the most unique window treatments and window coverings available anywhere at any price, period.

Virgil Venditto, President and CEO, has been a research and design specialist for the past 35 years. With clients such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Technicolor, and Microsoft Corporation relying on his expertise. Virgil has distinguished himself as one of the top in his field. With an artistic eye and uncommon design sensibility, Virgil has been the driving force in the creation of GLYDERS Corporation.

                                                                                                                                               "Imagine the Possibilities"

The Birth of GLYDERS