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Design Center Overview

 The GLYDERS on-line "Design Center" is as easy as 1,2,3. Our state-of-the-art design application is a simple to use, point and click interface that allows you to select all of the features of your GLYDERS system.

Go ahead match your new carpet or tile with the latest designer weave or fabric color. Find that perfect material to compliment your new sofa. Select the finish to correspond with your existing cabinets, built-ins or furniture pieces.

When you log on to the GLYDERS "Design Center" you will be guided through eight (8) easy steps with the assistance of audio & video instruction. From start to finish it only takes about 5 minutes to create a completely unique and original GLYDERS system.

1. Select the closest window or opening size
2. Choose the number of Panels
3. Select a movement style, By-Passing or Bi-Folding
4. Choose the Panel styles
5. Select a Stain or Paint Finish
6. Select your Fabric
7. Pick the mounting style
8. Save the design

Point, Click & Create


Turn on your sound . . .