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Movement Styles

By-Pass Panels will obstruct 50% of an opening on a standard 2-track system. 3-track systems obstruct 33%, whereas 4-track systems obstruct 25% of the window or opening. By-Pass systems
can also extend beyond the window opening allowing for a non obstructed view.

By-Passing / Multiple Track

Bi-Folding / Single Track

Bi-Fold Panels when open (stacked) will extend into the room on a 90-degree angle, a distance equal to the overall width of the System divided
by the number of panels.

Left and Right Panel stacking can be arranged in any combination of two (2) Panels.

GLYDERS are the perfect compliment to any style decor. Use GLYDERS on Windows, Sliding Glass & Patio Doors, Closet Doors, Room Dividers, Free Standing Privacy Screens, or just......      

                                                                          "Imagine the Possibilities"